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Note: You agree to pay your fees due Pier to Pier Brokers on time and you agree that all charges to your credit card account are valid, unless you provide us with written documentation of an error, within 30 days of the posting date of any irregularity—departing the company does not negate your payment of any fees that are due. You further agree that your monthly P2PB membership fee will be charged/paid on approximately the first of each month, which for 2018 represents a monthly charge of $125. Your E and O insurance coverage is charged to your account annually on January 1st. Some agents currently have their insurance fee split into two equal payments, first half due January 1st, second half due June 1st. For 2019, there will be a single charge on January 1st of $649 (estimated). P2PB will no longer be splitting the fees that are due. Additionally, If you leave the company prior to the payment of your second installment of your annual insurance fee, your account will be immediately charged for the outstanding balance. You further agree that at your departure from the company, any active payments due P2PB are still due and that you will honor the payment.