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Torrance is an often underestimated town in the South Bay,  with beautiful neighborhoods and 1.5 miles of pristine beach, don't count it out when thinking of moving to the beach cities. Being one of the largest towns in LA county it has areas that really make this place awesome. From Candy Cane Lane around the holidays, innovative craft breweries, enticing shopping, exciting cuisine, and an uncrowded, sun-kissed beach Torrance is the perfect place to live in the South Bay. 

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Torrance is perfect for a family looking to own in the South Bay. It features all the feels of a small town, but with amenities like beaches, world-class shopping and a strong sense of community.

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  • Candy Cane Lane

  • Family friendly

  • Quiet neighborhoods

  • More land

  • Beaches


  • South Torrance - South of Sepulveda Blvd. this area is home to the popular christmas light community known as Candy Cane Lane around the holidays. It is also home to the South Wood community of homes as well. 
  • West Torrance - A large chunk of the city is housed in West Torrance, between 190th and Sepulveda Blvd. and is home to the sparkling new Del Amo Fashion Center. 
  • North East Torrance - This area is east of Hawthorne blvd. and ends at Western Ave. 
  • Old town Torrance  - The heart of the city is in Old Town, established around 1920 this area is home to some of the cities best restaurants, bakeries and breweries. 
  • Hollywood Riviera - While this area is technically in Torrance we like to think of it as in Redondo Beach. See more about the beautiful Hollywood Riviera here. 



A little over 50% of the population in Torrance are married and around the age of 40. Locals here enjoy Old Town for its restaurants and small town vibes but they also enjoy the beach lifestyle just like their neighbors. 

A well kept secret in Los Angeles, this place is home to many who work throughout LA County but love the affordable cost of living and playing in Torrance. 


With the average home price being $750,000, don't be surprised to see many of them surpassing the million dollar price tag as this area grows. Here you will find homes with more lawn to mow and neighborhoods that feel friendly and suburban.


To LAX: 20 min
To Downtown: 45 min - 1 hour  
To Beach: 10-20 min
To The Valley: 50 min without traffic, 1.5 hours with traffic


  • Torrance High School 
  • West High School 
  • Bishop Montgomery High School 
  • South High School 
  • Anza Elementary 
  • Torrance Elementary 
  • North High School 
  • Richardson Middle School 
  • Fern Elementary School 
  • Arlington Elementary 
  • Hickory Elementary
  • Jefferson Middle School 
  • Seaside Elementary 
  • Victor Elementary 
  • Evelyn Carr Elementary 
  • Riviera Elementary 
  • Madrona Middle School 
  • Calle Mayor Middle School 
  • Edison Elementary School 
  • Casimir Middle School 
  • Walteria Elementary School 
  • Magruder Middle School
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