P2PB Agent visits a Connect Home

Being from Australia, a country helping to lead the way in pre-fab or offsite construction, I thought I’d seen my fair share of what could be built in a factory and made into a good home. This week I had the opportunity to visit a completed Connect Home project in Bonsai, California, and meet the company's owner and chief designer, Jared Levy. Jared has opened my eyes to the advancements of the industry and proven that their is no compromise between offsite and traditional onsite custom build projects. In fact, after a few brief moments of conversation I was able to understand the versatility and affordability he and his company have achieved. Through considerate use of generic building materials, the results are an outstandingly high quality product.

 Jared Levy - Connect Homes

Jared Levy - Connect Homes

Jared’s designs are flooded with light, making great use of double glazing, allowing comfortable temperatures to be achieved regardless of weather. The home I visited was a two story design and immediately I was impressed by higher than normal ceilings. There was also a huge double void living room with abundant windows reaching to the second floor. I was also surprised how spacious the home felt overall. You would think that having a larger than normal kitchen for this size home (2,500 sqft) would use most of the space, but it doesn’t. The high spec cabinetry was impressive, which is included in the base cost. Of course, this client had upgraded to some great Sub Zero and Wolf products, which highlighted the kitchen nicely. 

If you care for your morning coffee or after work wine outside, in this home all of the downstairs living spaces are conveniently surrounded by accessible decks, and again this is included in the base price. The rooms were moderately sized and with ample space to accommodate parents, children and/or guests.  The master bath has great proportions, as does the second bathroom upstairs. Jared has made great use of a mezzanine space to allow communication to easily be maintained between floors whilst at the same time creating a perfect position for the household office or station for the kids.

In further discussion with Jared, he was able to show me the almost limitless possibilities his modular design affords. After viewing 9 or so floor plans, I now realize there is no project too big or small for his ideas. I found myself wanting to drive home and look for land immediately knowing full well if I purchased this product I would have an incredible contemporary design that would be the talk of the town and grow in value every day. On top of that, they complete these homes with almost absurd timelines. Jared quoted a 15 week timeline, 12 weeks offsite and 3 onsite for the final stitch up. The foundation is the only additional cost and is normally underway and completed during this time, of course this is following normal city approvals. 

Overall, if you are looking for a manufactured home builder where:

  1. Every home is California LEED Gold Certified equivalent
  2. Construction costs and waste are minimized to control buyer costs
  3. Versatility of design allows you to tailor your next home regardless of considerations in budget, floor plan, size or site specific needs

Then, Connect Homes is a great option for you further investigate.  If you would like to arrange a tour of one of the Connect Homes please don’t hesitate to contact Pier to Pier Brokers, the South Bay knowledge leaders in prefab development options.

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Written by Jason Wade 

P2PB Agent, originally from Australia has a background in carpentry and construction. 

More about Jason: here

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