WD-40 removes dog poop

wd-40 image

WD-40 is the duct tape of the lubricant world. There are so many uses for the product you’ll be surprised. But, it’s important to realize that as much as we all use the product as a lubricant, the WD in WD-40 stands for Water Displacement. So next time you want to lubricate a door hinge or a bike chain, look in your tool box for a true lubricant. WD-40 has its place, you just don’t know how cool this stuff really is. 


Our favorite uses of WD-40

  1. Erase crayon from walls and other surfaces
  2. Remove tar and sludge from your feet and hands after a day at the beach
  3. Kills roaches and bugs on contact. spray on sills and around doors to keep bugs out!
  4. A little squirt will help remove gum from hair
  5. Does a great job of making stainless steel look its best
  6. WD-40 sprayed under your eaves will stop wasps from building their nest
  7. It removes carpet stains, really. spray a little on the spot, let it soak for a minute or two then wash the spot with soapy water
  8. Great as a cleaning aid for spots and stains on clothes. Yes, it even gets out blood and red wine. Try WD-40 as part of your pre wash regime 
  9. Dog poop on your shoes, oh no!  WD-40 helps get the poop off quickly and cleanly 
Blake Robertsnews