Local Spotlight: Poise Fitness, Hermosa Beach

With tons of gyms located in the South Bay, it can be a bit overwhelming when it comes to choosing the right fitness studio. Well we sat down with Rachel from Poise Fitness, one of our personal favorite studios, to get the scoop on their gym and how they are doing fitness the Poise way. 

What is a typical workout at Poise Fitness? 

It’s circuit training, which is 60 second intervals. You start on the treadmill or on the floor. There's essentially three groups, a strength, cardio, and a functional group.  You do 60 seconds at each station and there are 10 rounds. There are 20 different exercises each class and then 10 rounds of cardio. Also, there are monitors on the wall that show you what workout to do just incase you forget the correct form, and then every round the video changes. We are really big on form so the instructors are constantly watching to make sure each client is doing the workout correctly. We want everyone to get the most out of each workout. 

What is the story behind Poise Fitness? 

Justin, Rashad, and myself started working together in the Santa Monica area. We decided to come down this way and branch out. Our beliefs behind it are a lot of corrective exercises. We are focused on fixing the body rather than beating you, like some fitness studios do. Other gyms want you to go in and leave ultimately throwing up and that is how injuries happen. We prevent injury and want to teach people how to do the workouts properly. 

 Local Spotlight: Poise Fitness - by Pier to Pier Brokers


What brought Poise to the Hermosa Beach/South Bay area? And how does it inspire you?

We wanted to distance ourselves from where we were to get a fresh start. And we found this amazing location on PCH in Hermosa Beach that matched our vision and that was it. We have built our clientele from scratch and the people down here are so easy going and they trust us, that is the best part of the community here. 

We actually just did a beach bootcamp on 4th street in Manhattan Beach, which benefited Walk With Sally. It is always nice to workout outside of the gym too, especially when you’re on the beach. 

Name one time you had that “Ah Ha!” moment, that made you realize why you were doing this? 

It happens every day. Watching people put their effort into themselves, and me being there to help them. They trust me to take care of their health. Some trainers hurt people, and my clients trust that I am here to get them to where they want to be safely and effectively. I just love helping people, and I love that they look forward to seeing me. 

For more information on Poise Fitness visit their website here.

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