Local Spotlight: Lori Greenberg

We are always looking to talk with people who are influential and have a good understanding of our local South Bay community. We sat down with Manhattan Beach homeowner Lori Greenberg (yes, that Greenberg family). She is an interior designer with a strong vision for organizing the home and simplifying life. Having recently purchased 512 Pacific in the Hill Section of MB with Pier to Pier Brokers, we wanted to get to know the vision for the new home and future trends on interior design. 

 Lori Greenberg - Interview by Pier to Pier Brokers


tell us a little about yourself and what you do? 

I’m originally from Michigan, but I was born in Vietnam.  By trade right now I would call myself an interior designer, more on the construction side, but I am really transitioning into a way to service the community through design, while also figuring out how to bring a holistic approach to living. It all starts in your house, having peace in your home and getting rid of things you don’t need. My goal is to work with women and try to figure out how to declutter their busy lives. 

What inspires you when designing a house? 

I want everything to be right when I am working on a house. I feel like a lot of people don’t look at the whole property and design something that is specifically right for that land. Most of the time people look at their neighbors house and just say “I want that”. Maybe the shingles are the same and the doors are the same but it’s not going to be exactly that house. So I think people need to look at the dimensions, and the landscape and see what makes sense for the lot. It all comes back to being mindful and not just choosing something to choose, I want it to be right. When designing a home I like to look to trends that will still look good in 15 years from now. 

What do you see as the next trend in interior design? 

Since temporarily moving to NY I noticed there are a lot more modular kitchens, and I think that is next. Cabinetry is the most difficult experience I have in any home. I usually have to hire a couple different people to get the job right and it's one of the most important parts of the home. The modular systems that are in Italy and Germany revolve around the idea that everything has its place. There aren’t just empty drawers, there are specific draws for specific things and that’s it. I think that people are going to want to start living simply. 

why don’t you live on the Strand?

We built a house on the Strand when we first got married and that was very clean, much more European and modern. It was what I wanted at the time, but once I had the kids it became difficult to keep the clutter out. When you have modern spaces there isn’t much storage and if you put something on the table it looks terrible. So when we built this more colonial style house that we live in now, I wanted to be able to put things like a pumpkin on the table and not have to change everything else. And I am not really a fan of The Strand anymore, I like having a yard and a garden. With our kids being little, the freedom that they got was the upside. We wanted a child friendly home where there are stains on things and I no longer have to ask the kids to get their feet on the table, it's much more fun that way. I enjoy the low maintenance of this property as well.

The vision for 512 Pacific Avenue

One of the large reasons why I chose that property is that living in New York has taught me to live with a lot less space. And my current home makes me feel so lost, we have rooms that I probably won’t ever go in again unless we are cleaning it. So we picked 3 different architects to interview for the project, two are more established and one is an up-and-coming architect. I like the idea of giving him the opportunity, what he brings in lack of experience and resume, is that he comes from a technology background. My husband is a huge techie so when he showed us the 3D renderings of the property we were blown away because we are so used to getting out the old fashion blue prints. 

It's going to be a stucco house, with minimal landscaping, there will definitely be a swimming pool as well as a back house.  And the back house would double as my office and maybe a meditation studio. We will be doing a german brand kitchen and everything will be pretty compact but still feel open. 

If you had to choose, Manhattan Beach or Manhattan New YOrk?

Ohh I couldn’t choose. My heart doesn’t race in LA the way it does in NY, but my heart doesn’t race in NY anymore either. NY has far exceeded my expectations but it’s not the NY I knew 5 years ago. Design wise, I would say New York, no questions but in Manhattan Beach there is so much more space here, thats why I love it. 

Favorite restaurant in Manhattan Beach?

Little Sister, I ate there last night. 

What do you want people who meet you TO know? 

If you meet me, there is this idea that I enjoy nice things, but I am coming into this understanding that you can have nice things while also focusing on being nice on the inside as well. I would like to see people in our communities taking care of themselves better on the inside. 

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