LOCAL SPOTLIGHT: King Shabu Shabu, Redondo Beach

So many new restaurants pop up every day in our neighborhood that it’s so hard to keep tabs on all of them but it it’s even harder to find one that you salivate every time you think about going back to. In Redondo Beach’s newer Green Street shopping center, sits our new go-to spot for an amazing Japanese style dinner. King Shabu Shabu opened at this location last year and some how slipped under our radar, until now. Having a few meals under (or above) our belts now, we can confidently say we love this place to the last slurp. 

For those not familiar with Shabu Shabu, it is a Japanese dish of pieces of thinly sliced beef, chicken, pork, or shrimp cooked quickly with vegetables in boiling water and then dipped in sauce. So basically you get a pot of boiling water, throw some sauces in it, throw some vegetables and meat in as well, and cook them yourself. While that might be a turn off for some people who just want to plow through their meal and be done, we have come to find that eating here makes us enjoy our food more and it becomes a true dining experience vs a typical eat and run meal.The space is modernly square, with cool metal dangly details around the restaurant, and has booths orbiting around the central hot pot bar. We recommend sitting at this center bar/counter if it’s your first time as the staff is wonderful at helping you dive in. 

Our favorite part about King Shabu Shabu is that although a meal on the menu will cost you around 18 bucks a person, they have a ridiculous happy hour, or “Happy Day” as they call it. Monday through Friday they have an insane drink special of $2 glasses Kirin Ichiban and $7 pitchers. The best part is that the beer is insanely cold, like cooler than cool, ice cold baby! Another favorite part is that once you’re done cooking your meat in the boiling water, it turns it into a broth which you then add noodles to, a ramen type dessert if you will. 

Overall we recommend this place for a nice night out to celebrate a special occasion with the family or it makes a great date spot if you are looking for something away from the busy pier restaurants. 

They also have locations in Cerritos and Torrance. Visit their website here for more info.

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