How agent Elena Vera is becoming her own CEO with P2PB

We sat down with one of our own top producing agents to ask her a couple questions about how Pier to Pier Brokers has given her a distinct advantage over the competition as well as helping her become her own real estate CEO. 

How is P2PB different from other brokerages that you’ve been associated with?

The difference is that Pier to Pier Brokers actually cares about me and my success. They give great tools, marketing and support—everything I need to be a great agent. On-top of that, they  really listen to my needs.  Thanks to Pier to Pier Brokers, my real estate career has skyrocketed and I love working with the agents and brokers at P2PB. 

How has P2PB's marketing solutions helped you grow?

The included marketing solutions I receive as a member of the P2PB team are great and so much better than what I see being pumped out of outer brokerages. When I am going after new business, I know I have a distinct advantage because I'm presenting a smart, great looking, selling platform that home sellers really appreciate.

What’s your favorite thing about the P2PB team?

It’s that now I have a team - an actual team behind be, rather than being stranded alone in a sea of self-centered agents. The support I get from P2PB allows me to stay focused on meeting new clients, business development and providing A+ customer support.

How are you taking advantage about your staging license at P2PB?

Being a home stager is a dream come true for me. I wanted to help sellers earn top dollar for every listing.  P2PB shares this vision with me and has been very supportive in my staging career. 

How do you compare the commission structure at P2PB versus other brokerages?

I love it. It's like hiring an assistant without paying for one. When I get a listing, I make one phone call and all of the marketing its taking care of.  So I can focus on what I love, helping my clients.

Michael Maughan