Fathers Day 2017. What To Do, Eat, Buy.


As the day that we celebrate our fathers draws near, we at P2PB know what the men in your life really want. It is scientifically proven (by real scientists) that the majority of dads, on fathers day, want to do absolutely nothing. Exceptions to this might be cracking open a cold one on the couch or maybe even going to eat a good burger. Is that too much to ask? We think not. But if you are looking knock the cargo-pocket pants off him this year we put together a list of our picks of what to do, what to eat, or what to buy for the man of the hour. 

What to do

Although the prejudice of dads and beer is undeniably true, studies (by those same scientists) show that 96% of fathers enjoy a good glass of wine. So why not indulge in the beautiful location we live in and take a drive up to Paso Robles and enjoy the magical scenery and wine. A 4 hour drive up the 5 lands you in Paso Robles, with all the wineries your dad could ever enjoy. We suggest Venteux Vineyards for incredible scenery and even better tastings. Find more info on visiting Paso Robles here. 


9/10 times your dad just wants a good burger on Father's day. So give the man what he wants. Take him to a burger joint and let him have at it. Our favorite place is Simmzy's in Manhattan Beach, you can't beat the location. Another favorite burger stop of ours Hudson House in Redondo Beach.  


With all dads trying to stay hip and cool, the majority of them have acquired themselves an iPhone and have slowly morphed into functioning members of the tech society. So why not get him more stuff to try to figure out (and sometimes yell at when he can't figure it out)?

Apple just released its new line of products this week, included is the new HomePod, and while that would be an awesome gift, unfortunately it isn't available until December, but we have a plan. All dads love music, right? So set yourself up for becoming the best gift giver ever and get him a subscription to a music service like Apple Music or Spotify so he can jam all his favorites while doing all the stuff that dads do. And then in December, you hit him with the ultimate christmas gift and get him the new HomePod by Apple. Now that is one way to make sure your dad is "The Cool Dad". More info on apple music here