Fall Decor Ideas 2016

It's that time of year where nature's colors take over and everything turns fall. Halloween is the first holiday of the season where people eagerly pull out their decor as the air turns crisp and coffee turns pumpkin. If you're looking for inspiration on how to decorate for Halloween or fall, look no further! Below are some tips to make your home feel a bit more festive. 

Painting pumpkins

Pumpkins are essential in addition to the traditional orange lights and fall flower bouquets. Painting pumpkins, as opposed to carving them, is becoming more and more popular each year. One can use warm colors like gold, black, burgundy, and white to add that fall pizzazz, or bundle pumpkins together to make a more subtle statement inside or outside your home. 




To save money and add some color, candy corn is a great and tasty idea for table tops to treat your guests (or yourself). You might even add a small candle in the middle of the jar to keep it simple yet more decorative than a typical candy jar. Another great alternative to traditional table top center pieces is numerous fall-colored candles with natural fall brush and/or pine cones along the table runner. 


Skeletons are an easy way to decorate without requiring too much effort. When it comes to skeletons, use this as your decor splurge. The cheaper they are, the cheaper they tend to look. This is something that can be re-used every year and is easy to pack away - so try to shop for one in stores such as Michael's, Hobby Lobby, or Target. Avoid dollar stores, Walmart, and other thrift-type stores for this item.  

There are many ideas and inspiration waiting around the corner, if you're in need of a jump start just take a walk around the neighborhood to get inspired!

Michael Maughan