Who is Laura Schuler? 

I'm a real estate agent and abstract artist living and working in Hermosa Beach, CA. I run on cold brew coffee and I love layering pendant necklaces. On any given day you can find me checking out new listings, hosting open houses, and posting about art and beautifully styled kitchens on social media. If I'm not helping someone find their South Bay beach house then I'm working on new abstract paintings, doing a local art show, or playing beach volleyball. 

I'm a big advocate of using my social media powers to help others. That means if I find something I like you'll be sure to know whether it's on my Instagram accounts (@SouthBayBeachHouse or @LauraSchulerStudio) or on my website ( I've started to share local events as well as how to do things 'like a local' in the South Bay. Check out my newest series of posts on my website that share all the different volleyball classes you can sign up for.

what initially caught your eye about us, and how has the experience been so far? 

What caught my eye when checking out Pier to Pier Brokers was the emphasis placed on photography and video for each listing. I spend a lot of time on social media and high quality photos and videos are a must. It was awesome to know that Pier to Pier has a great social media presence and an amazing website. My experience so far has been phenomenal. Blake and Diana always make time for my questions and the whole team is like family.

What makes you love real estate?

I love that real estate is a conversation starter but what I really love about real estate is meeting and helping new clients to find a place to call their home. Buying and selling can be really stressful and often times there's normally a job change that comes with the situation. It's my philosophy that this experience should be memorable and fun which is exactly what I strive to do with each client. 

big picture goal for 2017?

My big picture goal for 2017 is to help at least five people find their new South Bay beach house as well as find a dedicated workspace for my artistic endeavors. 

How has living in the South Bay influenced you as a realtor/artist/human? 

Living in the South Bay has afforded me a quality of life that I know I could not find anywhere else. From the Los Angeles artist community to the opportunity to work at a small boutique style real estate brokerage I'm still pinching myself to make sure it's real. When you add the proximity of the beach combined with volleyball and surfing as well as having fun restaurants it's just unreal how amazing things are here in the South Bay.

What would you say to someone thinking about joining Pier to Pier Brokers? 

I would tell them that if you want to work hard but have fun then you should think about joining Pier to Pier Brokers. 

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