AGENT SPOTLIGHT: Chelsea Sowards


• Who is Chelsea?  

I was born and raised in Texas. I graduated from Abilene Christian University and married my college sweetheart. (celebrating 9 years on May 25!) We have a three year old daughter that fills our days with so much laughter and joy. I love anything related to coffee, wine, cooking or fitness and most of my days include all of the above. My family and friends are everything to me and their support and encouragement have gotten me where I am today. 


• What made you choose real estate? 

I decided to do real estate because it combined so many things that I am passionate about. Prior to real estate, I worked in the healthcare industry managing client accounts. I loved this job because it gave me the opportunity to meet so many new people in addition to helping them on a daily basis. Being an agent allows me to do the same thing, just with real estate! It is so exiting to me that my job is to help families buy and sell their home, it’s my dream job, for sure!!


• What initially caught your eye about Pier to Pier Brokers and how has your experience been so far?

I noticed Pier to Pier Brokers right away when we moved to California. We would walk past the offices off the PCH and I thought there was something special about it. When I started exploring different brokerages, I tried to talk to a variety of different ones, but after meeting Blake and Diana, there wasn’t much a of a decision to make. They are both so passionate about what they do, and the importance they place on each and every client they have is really unique and special. I couldn’t be happier at P2PB- they have done such a wonderful job making me feel supported and also keeping me up to date on the latest trends and market data. In addition, everything about P2PB is so fresh and modern. They really have embraced the importance of just being you and focusing on the relationships formed and building on that.


• How has living in the South Bay influenced your life? 

Living in the South Bay has been the biggest blessing. There is something so unique about living in this community, it has a small town feel even though you can have date night in Downtown LA. The people are friendly, kind and odds are good, most days, you are going to run into someone you know while grocery shopping. I am a huge foodie and love finding new coffee cafes, date night dinner/cocktail spots and also family friendly places and while I’ve done my best to try them all, there are still so many places to try! The local businesses are fun to visit and support because they are quality shops with wonderful customer service. Living in the South Bay really encourages a healthy lifestyle spent outside enjoying the beautiful sunny So-Cal weather and I couldn’t love it more!


• What would you say to someone thinking about joining our growing team at P2PB?  

I would tell them to just come and talk to Blake and Diana! There are so many options and ultimately, they’ll know what brokerage is right for them, but if they are looking for one that encourages growth while also feeling like you are part of a team that supports you, P2PB may be the place for them. In addition, P2PB is pretty much the total package - they have amazing marketing, training, photography, videography and so much more.