1135 21st Street | A Perfect Flip

LISTING PRICE $1,695,000

3 BED ·  2.5 BATH ·  1,564 SQF

Walking up to 1135 21st Street, we’re thinking to ourselves, “Here we go again…” rather unenthusiastically. Over the last year we have seen so many remodels like this that it can start to feel like we’re just reentering the same house over and over again so we definitely had this preconceived idea about how this home would feel once we were inside. But, as soon as we walked inside this brand new Manhattan Beach home our eyes opened up a little bit wider. Like it’s local renovated siblings, everything has white with grey touches along with the wide-plank floor, but there are a couple features that made this white-picket house feel like a winning home.

The kitchen is beautiful but our favorite part was the wood paneling along the ceiling. It instantly transforms the open floor plan into having a welcoming feel. With the mixture of the brightness in the kitchen, the white cabinets, grey island, and fresh stainless steel appliances, you can’t go wrong. Another thing that we enjoyed about this home was the choices of tiles and countertops. In the Jack and Jill bathroom you have this really cool modern brick-like tile, all white of course, that we had never seen before. Then in the master shower, there is a quilted white tile. It made us really want to open the glass shower door and feel it for ourselves, so of course, we did. We loved these selections because they really stood out and gave the rooms a unique touch. We also loved that at the end of the hall, towards the bedrooms, they left space for a built-in desk. It was another aspect of this flip that made it feel a lot more ‘family friendly’ and not just a quick fix. 

The main square footage was added on in the back so the backyard isn’t too big, but still has plenty of room for playtime on the freshly laid grass. While pulling away to leave this house we came across its one downside…it is one house away from a commercial street. Could be a deal breaker for some, but this really is a great flip that is ready for a family to call it ‘home’!


Listing by Shorewood Realtors