Getting to know Redondo Beach

Redondo Harbor, Redondo Beach, California

Redondo Beach


Live the California beach life anywhere in Redondo Beach. From North to South, Redondo has something for everyone. It is the only South Bay town with a harbor and features the famous Esplanade that is part of the Strand that stretches all the way up to Santa Monica.




The People

Along the sand you will find the more active of the people in this neighborhood, whether it be riding bikes or playing on the beach. The people here in general are a mix of younger renters, new families, to older home-owners. There really is something for everyone in South Redondo. 

Home Prices

While new construction is constantly updating the neighborhoods, some of the original beach homes still stand. Apartments and condos are a big hit here, as they can run along the ocean to offer incredible views. 

Living closer to the beach and the Esplanade means higher property values. One thing to note about this area is that large scale apartment and condo buildings reign supreme for ocean views, but they also block everyone else behind them. Giant buildings running along the beach that sort of give it a relaxing Miami vibe so we can't complain.

Commute Times

To LAX: 25 min
To Downtown: 45 min - 1 hour  
To Beach: 0-5 min.
To The Valley: 50 min without traffic, 1.5 hours with traffic