Getting to know Palos Verdes


Palos Verdes


One of the best secrets of L.A. Palos Verdes is comprised of Palos Verdes Estates, Rancho Palos Verdes and Rolling Hills Estates. PV is home to the best coastal views in Los Angeles County, set against lush landscapes, rocks, mountains, cliffs and slopes away from tourists or traffic. The drive along Palos Verdes Drive is one of the finest drives in the United States and tops the list of things to do. 




The People

The people here live a more tranquil pace of life. With a majority of the population in RPV being in their 40’s and up. You won’t find too much crazy nightlife here due to a small number of restaurants and bars. We recommend Terranea for all of your libations and relaxations when in PV. You will find the day trippers who drive from all over Southern California to hike and enjoy the breathtaking views this area has to offer.

Home Prices

All of the Palos Verdes towns have very strong architecture and development committees that tightly regulate building. The cities' collective efforts have been exceptionally effective in preserving open space and avoiding over-development.

Commute Times

To LAX: 45 min
To Downtown: 50 min - 1.5 hour  
To Beach: 15 min.