How We Market A New Staged Home

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Every home we market at Pier to Pier Brokers tells a story to make an emotional connection, so the whole process feels like an elegant dance. Through our cinematic videos, revolutionary 24/7 Open Houses, and stunningly vibrant photography, your home is marketed like a sexy european sports car.  



Videos are the lifeblood of the world we live in today. They make us laugh, cry and lust over the stories that are shared. We believe that cinematic videos are the key to properly marketing a home in todays mobile internet. With every home we touch, we want the story to be true and vivid. Enjoy these examples of how we bring life and energy into empty homes.  



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When potential buyers look at your home in person, they become overwhelmed and forget to look at the little details that mean the most. The 24/7 Open House is a realistic, interactive 3D and VR experience that allows potential buyers to explore your home without ever stepping foot inside. It's almost better than being there. 




We believe in photography that makes neurons fire and explosions go off in people's heads. Every home is expertly shot with meticulous attention to detail, lighting and design. While video and 3D tell a story, vibrant photos are the first thing that people see when they grab a printed brochure or hit the landing page of a property website. 


Home Courtesy of Farnham Construction