Zillow real estate valuations rarely accurate

 Programmer updating real estate valuation models

Programmer updating real estate valuation models

Real estate valuation tools have come a long way since their original introduction—and they’re getting more accurate with each passing year. However, there are specific reasons why today’s crop of valuation tools don’t provide accurate results for the South Bay, and most of Los Angeles for that matter. 

There are three primary issues that impact the accuracy of online valuation tools:

  • Automated valuations are from computer algorithms, which can be extremely accurate at matching patterns and historical data. However, unlike planned communities that feature home’s based on specific models and plans, real estate in the south bay is totally unique. 
  • They can’t differentiate between turnkey vs. fixer, view home vs. no view, good street vs. bad street, updates vs. original, etc. 
  • A 30% or greater margin of error is acceptable


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