Staging Your Home - Interview with Diana Roberts


On a scale of 1 - 10 how important is staging your home? 

It is very important for anyone who wants to get top dollar for their home. If you just want to sell your home and you don’t care about the price, don’t stage it. But honestly sometimes having a home empty can be better.  

But I believe staging is super important. In this case it was a bachelor pad, it had a sofa in the living room, a table without chairs and a tv. You walked in and you couldn’t visualize the potential. So this home owner was super motivated to make the place look perfect. 


If someone can’t afford a stager, what is THE one thing they can do to make their home more presentable? 

A fresh coat of paint, swiss coffee, can change the way a home looks. It is the most neutral color of white and it is the basis in creating a blank canvas for a potential buyer to visualize themselves in a home. In this case the living room was blue and the two bedrooms were dark blue because the owner was a doctor and had to sleep well, but for selling you need to be bright and open. 


What else did you do to make this place pop?

So my contractor came and we decided to paint the place. Then we noticed that it had popcorn ceilings, that can be messy to remove and you need permits and everything. So we decided to do a thin layer of dry wall and it made it look amazing. Another thing we did was to remove the crown molding. I believe in small spaces, crown molding makes the space feel smaller than what it is. 

On top of that we added ceiling fans and can lights in the kitchen to brighten it up a little plus  new backsplash tiles. There is nothing better than the old fashioned subway tiles around the kitchen counter between the cabinets and it instantly made it more modern. 

I wanted to make the space more inviting so I put in two lounge chairs, a coffee table, bright pillows, and artwork on the walls. We love our agent Laura Schuler’s artwork because it is bright and colorful and really pops on white walls. Literally the less is more. Clean up everything that is personal, no toothbrushes, no clothes -keep it simple with candles and towels in the bathrooms. 


What is the importance of color? 

In this case it is a condominium with amazing ocean views and I had to think who the buyer would be. That is very important when it comes to staging - who is your target audience.  In our case it was a starting condo for a bachelor or a young family with a baby. The average age would be 25 - 40. It is at the beach with a tremendous amount of sunshine, so I decided the staging had to be modern and it shouldn’t be about dark, heavy furniture, more white and fun items with pops of color. Let the furniture be neutral, but adding colors like orange and blue can really add vibrance. 

Also when you have an open space in the kitchen, always set the table, it makes it feel inviting. And in the bathrooms pic one color to accessorize with towels, candles and rug. These small things can make a huge impact and you can tell from the photos. 

What would you say to someone considering not staging a home? 

Here is the deal, everyone has access to cameras, and online images play a massive part of what attracts people. Pretty and nice things are what people want to see and it makes a difference. With high quality photography you can see the whole space, so every detail has to be amazing quality. If you are selling your house for top dollar, staging is a must. And I’m not saying you have to spend a boat load of money but in this case it made the property worth significantly more. 

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