Local Spotlight: Steak & Whisky | Hermosa Beach

If you stroll down Pier Ave in Hermosa Beach there are so many stores and restaurants all screaming to get your attention with their big loud signs... but sometimes the best ones don’t, and they hide in plain sight. This was the case for us with Steak & Whisky. It's a newer restaurant that’s black exterior and small wooden sign above the door never got a second glance from us. That is until we saw someone walk out its old wooden door revealing the dimly lit interior of the upscale steak joint.

Run by the same team that is behind Abigaile, Little Sister, and Dia de Campo (all amazing restaurants as well), this place features an extensive whiskey list, mouth watering updates on American steakhouse classics, and a beyond impressive wine list. 

What are our thoughts on it? Well for starters, with four $ on YELP, by no means is this place cheap. It's definitely a spot we recommend reserving for special occasions. The interior is sophisticated, much like their many whisky’s. It has an intimate sized dining room with exposed brick walls, wood beams on the ceiling, and large skylights pouring in setting sunlight onto the dozen or so booths. On the right, when you walk in, is their modern take on a bar, surrounded by what looks like a library of alcohol. You can see all their options of adult beverages to choose from. 

The food was everything we expected it to be, small portions with big taste. This is one place where you don’t want to be on a budget. Go for it...get the steak and get the fancy cocktails 'cause this place knows how to do them exceptionally and they're worth every penny! With 10 whisky lockers and a Coravin Wine Access System (uses a needle to extract wine from the cork without letting air inside), if you are going to be in Hermosa Beach, we definitely recommend booking a table at this tucked away steak house. 


Michael Maughan