The Mystery Of The Color Changing Dog In Manhattan Beach Is Solved

If you have strolled through downtown Manhattan Beach you have probably noticed the big red, transformers-looking dog sculpture that is guarding the town square, located right next to Papyrus. Formerly on the site of the Metlox pottery company, the Metlox dog has been around since 2004 as a tribute to the company that was there from 1927 to 1988 and their line of small dog figurines they once made. Well, over the last ten years the red paint has been slowly fading and chipped away, so the city decided it was time to give the iconic dog a fresh coat of color. Only to realize when looking back the original dog figurines were painted in a light blue. So now the dog has become a shade of light sky blue as a tribute to the original work of art. So there you have it, mystery solved. 


Michael Maughan