WHAT'S GOING ON: The Ralph's on PCH is turning into Trader Joe's!

 Ralph's on PCH in Hermosa Beach turning into Trader Joes this Fall - Blog by Pier to Pier Brokers

If you haven’t visited the Ralph’s on PCH in Hermosa Beach recently, boy do we have some news for you! When we first found out about what was happening, we were walking through the store wondering why a majority of the shelves were empty. Realizing they could not be sold out of all of these items and that this was definitely not the result of a post-apocalyptic looting, that we knew of, we were inclined to ask someone what was going on. 

And we learned from the store manager that coming in late October the Ralph’s will be closing and a Trader Joe’s and potentially a Rite Aid will be moving in to the space! While we loved that Ralph’s, we could not be more excited for a Trader Joe’s to move into our neighborhood. Mainly because everything they sell there is insanely tasty! 

For now Trader Joe’s hasn’t made any official announcements but the buzz is making it's way around town. 

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