P2PB Agent Monique Ehsan Running for Hermosa Beach School Board

 Monique Ehsan, Agent at Pier to Pier Brokers runs for Hermosa Beach School Board

At Pier to Pier Brokers we are always looking for ways to dig our hands deep into the soil of our local community, and our agents are no exception to this dedication. Monique Ehsan, an agent at Pier to Pier Brokers has recently announced that she is running for Hermosa Beach School Board. And though you might have seen her signs popping up in front yards around town, we think you should get to know her a little better and her vision for the future of education in Hermosa Beach. 

She is a parent and local business woman who will bring a new level of leadership and analysis to the Hermosa Beach School Board.  She has a BA from the University of Pennsylvania and JD from Tulane University and she has spent her career negotiating contracts. Schools are in the business of educating the next generation and she promises she will work hard to ensure that our students and teachers have the facilities, tools, and skills necessary to succeed in a 21st century environment.

For more information on Monique or to support her campaign please visit http://www.moniqueforhbschools.com/