Ellis Posner Moves to P2PB

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"I'm a millennial trapped in a baby boomer body."

Ellis Posner

Ellis Posner has a knack for making thought-provoking statements that make you want to scramble for a pen and paper.

A seasoned realtor with well over 15 years of experience, Ellis is a NYC native who lived all over the US before settling down to live in the South Bay over 25 years ago. 

“Many of my clients are millennials. They look at me as their cool older uncle or,” he rolls his eyes, ”their father.” 

Why are buyers and sellers - including millennials - flocking to the baby boomer with a NY accent who speaks in sound bites? 

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Because Ellis Posner is not your typical real estate agent. 

Posner’s background was in technology, specifically during the earlier days of the internet. “When I settled down in the South Bay and got serious about real estate, I realized I cannot compete with other realtors in the area who were super-connected native locals. But I could create a presence for myself online. I started blogging, using SEO tactics, connecting on social media and other sites - that’s how I established myself. 85% of my business is through digital marketing.” 

Cultivating his micro-influencer cyber presence has paid off. Ellis has a devout following on his blog & on social media, and was listed as one of the “Best 10 Real Estate Agents in Redondo Beach” on Yelp & “Agent of the Month” by Executive Agent Magazine. His organic Zillow ranking is #1 in best local reviews for Redondo Beach, with reviews that reflect his total commitment to his clients: 

“I’m not sure when he finds the time to sleep!”
— Zillow review

Ellis feels that millennials in particular are drawn to him because they’re looking for two things: institutional knowledge that you can’t just google for online and  authenticity. “They put a premium on someone who has a wealth of experience and thinks like they do.”

This mentality is not a natural fit with all real estate agents. Posner believes that the real estate industry has “taught agents to interact in an unnatural way. Coaches teach a bizarre real estate language that many people can’t relate to. It should always be genuine and natural.”


It was this desire for authenticism and progressive thinking that drew Ellis to Pier to Pier Brokers, a boutique real estate company in Hermosa Beach. “I met Blake and Diana Roberts working at Shorewood many years ago, and I’d always known that we had the same approach to business and marketing. Blake and I both spent time in the technology industry and are heavily into innovative digital marketing ideas. If I were to start my own business, it would look like this.” 

As Director of Business Development, Ellis is part of the Pier to Pier leadership team - with Blake and Diana - that embraces technology, creativity and yes, authenticism - using technology and creative digital marketing tactics that many large real estate firms are still struggling to embrace. 

Ellis believes Pier to Pier Brokers is one of the few real estate companies that understands how important it is to think outside of the box. “It’s important for all of us [agents] to be constantly re-inventing ourselves.” 

My clients find me online and feel like they know me. All I need to do is show up and be who they think I am.
— Ellis Posner