LOCAL SPOTLIGHT: Two Guns Up for Two Guns Espresso!

Two Guns Espresso - Pier to Pier Brokers

At Pier to Pier Brokers we take our coffee very seriously and we are very serious when we say that Two Guns Espresso in Manhattan Beach is easily one of the best coffee spots in the South Bay.

Now days, in Hollywood and Downtown L.A., it seems that on every corner and in every back alley there is a hip new coffee spot where the coffee tastes stronger than bourbon and the store names are cooler than most rock bands. Here in our neck of the woods there is a real lack of that sort of thing, but what we lack in numbers, we make up for at Two Guns Espresso. Tucked away in a western-themed, strip mall along Sepulveda Blvd in Manhattan Beach, it features a matte black exterior and tin looking roof and it almost seems as if they don’t want you to know about this secret little coffee spot. 

So what is so good about this place?

First of all, it's Australian coffee and Aussies don’t dink around when it comes to their joe. Their flat whites are definitely one of our favorites with an insanely creamy, but strong kick in the mouth. If you didn’t know…flat whites hail from Australia and are becoming more and more popular here in the states. They are a mixture of steamed whole milk and shots of deliciously strong Australian espresso. Another one of our favorites is their “frozen bullet”, which is like an iced latte that is blended into a perfectly fluffed slushy-type drink that is necessary on a hot day! The best part about Two Guns is that you cannot go wrong with whatever drink you choose, even their plain coffee is delightful. From their cold brew to their espresso, just make sure you try them all!

Another reason this is our go to spot for the sweet nectar of life…their food is phenomenal! With both breakfast and lunch, you can order anything on the menu and not be disappointed. From biscuits and gravy to their pretzel bun breakfast sandwiches called, our mouths are watering just thinking about it! 

Next time you’re going to Starbucks, think twice and trust the good Aussie mates with your next cup of Joe. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed! Also, it’s a great spot to snap a cool pic for Instagram. 

p.s. what's with the name? Easy, Double Shots = Two Guns 

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