Local Spotlight: Hermosa Design

Situated on one of the most unique streets in Hermosa Beach, lives a warehouse that will make every contemporary design & art lover drool. At 618 Cypress Avenue, Hermosa Design is a showroom/studio that sells contemporary beach lifestyle products inspired by Scandinavian design. We sat down with Farnaz Reneker, architect and owner, to get the scoop on the studio, the community, and how her and her husband turned their love for "less is more" design into a thriving business in the South Bay. 

What is the story behind Hermosa Design? 

I am an architect, my husband is a builder and we’ve been living in south bay for about 10 years now. It bothered us that every time we wanted to go see an art show or a design space we had to leave the beach cities. We had the space here, and I was always sourcing products for my projects, so we decided to set up an online store and use the studio as show room. On top of that it gives us a place to display the work of local artists and have art events that can bring the community together. 

Can you tell us about these local events? 

We just had an event called "Fall Fest", where local residents came to our studio and were able to try local restaurants, breweries and see local art. We had a restaurant from Redondo, one from Manhattan, and one from Hermosa Beach. We had three local breweries and Uncorked, the wine store, that were all doing tastings. Also, there were four artists who’s work was displayed and for sale. On top of all of that we managed to raise money for a local art education program. 

 Hermosa Design - Local Spotlight by Pier to Pier Brokers

What brought Hermosa Design to the South Bay? 

I'm originally from the east coast. I didn’t know that it was possible to live at the beach all year round. I moved to LA in 2003, I lived in Hollywood and I loved living there. My husband Steve has lived in LA since his early 20’s and he is the one who introduced me to the lifestyle here. We wanted an industrial space and Steve had his eye on this street for years, it's the only street in Hermosa that is zone for this type of factory building. During the economic downturn this building became available and we decided to go for it. 

How does the local community in the South Bay inspire your work? 

There are a ton of people who live in the beach cities that are similar in their demographic. They are in their 30’s -50’s, have families, and a lot of them work in the creative industries. Most of them have lived elsewhere that are now living here and they are missing certain things about the city. They miss the cultural hubs and more creative spaces that host receptions and creative gatherings. So that inspires us to do what we do. We give the local community a place to come and enjoy art together. 

You are an architect with a great eye for design, what would your dream project be? 

 I would love to do more Boutique hotels. That would allow me to integrate this business here into my architect business. I would love to have a place and do everything from the overall space planning, all the way down to the furnishing and the art in the hotel. 

Have you ever had that "AH HA!" moment,  that it all made sense to you why you started your own business?

I have it everyday, as well as the thought "what am I doing?". But I think for me it is when the link from the architecture to the retail business happens, that I get really excited. I feel like my whole life I have been learning these things that are now coming together to help my business so it makes it all worth it. We are still a new business, we have only been open since March, so I’m sure there will be many more to come. 



“Finally a cool modern design and furniture store in the South Bay.
 Diana Roberts - Owner of Pier to Pier Brokers

Diana Recommends: 

  • I have a LAXSeries desk at the office and love that we have a South Bay shop that sells this great line of solid wood furniture. 
  • I really love their Solo Bike Storage by Andrew Lang for Cycloc. We are going to get one of Blake's Moots bike. 
  • I would love to have this LC Shutters Pendant light hanging in my kitchen. 

For more information about Hermosa Design visit their website here.

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