Bike Path Connecting Hermosa and Redondo Beach is Now Open!

You are now free to move about the beaches! Between Hermosa and Redondo Beach, there used to be a wall that stopped bike riders from traveling smoothly from one city into the next. Over Memorial Day weekend though you may have noticed that the construction is now gone and so is the wall, allowing bikers to ride freely along the west side of Harbor Drive, and continue all the way into Redondo Beach Marina. The Redondo Gateway has been years in the making and cost over $4 million. While it is open to the public now, the official Grand Opening is June 13th. We definitely recommend hopping on your bike and riding the path for yourself to enjoy some classic California style cruising.

For grand opening event information click here.


photo source: yelp, southbay muse, surfside sam.

Michael Maughan