And the Best Pizza in Los Angeles Award goes to...

This is where the best pizza in Los Angeles is created — Bottega Louie, downtown Los Angeles

These amazing pizza's are as delicious and as close to food perfection that we have found, from west coast to east coast, with a whole lot of Italy in the sampling, these are the best to be had. Each bite is better than the previous, and the crust, the crust is also pure foodie perfection. 

Pizza's at Bottega Louie are priced at $25. The particular pie that caught our eye is the Pizza Tartufo, which is crafted with Mozzarella, fontina, truffle pecorino, crème fraîche, black truffle mushroom pâté and a soft cooked egg.

Other pizza offerings include more tradition expectations like the Margherita, the Pepperoni, the Artichoke and the Sausage. But my heart will forever be owned by the lovely Tartufo. 

In addition to the restaurant, Botegga Louis may be best known for its connoisseur class tarts and pastries—considering the length of the take away line, the quality of these sweet goodies is no secret. 

Reservations and getting to the restaurant. 

Always packed with people waiting to be seated, Botegga Louis does not take reservations. They believe that a 255 person seating capacity should cover the needs of those looking for great food in Los Angeles. Open most days from 8:00 am until 10 pm, the restaurant is located at 700 South Grand Avenue, 90017. 


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The Lunch Menu

There's not a single piece of art to be found on the walls of Bottega Louie, for the food is the only focus here. 

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