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 Review of 405 Harkness Street in East Manhattan Beach

Review of 405 Harkness Street in East Manhattan Beach

ASKING PRICE $1,449,000

4 BED · 3.5 BATH · 2,294 SQF

This is an East Manhattan Beach starter home with great potential, either as a remodel or hardcore redevelopment. This corner lot, although just a block west of Aviation, is in a quiet location that get a lot of sun light. The home needs some serious TLC, including new kitchen and baths—perhaps moving a few walls here and there could really improve the overall flow of the home. Today, the home is configured with a second living room, which can easily be cordoned off as an in-law space or bootleg rental. 


As of this writing, word on the street is that the home has attracted multiple offers and that the seller has accepted one just north of the $1,449,000 asking price. In today’s market, considering that East Manhattan dirt is easily in the $1,300,000 range, a $1,450,000-ish selling price seems attractive. 

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