1321 Voorhees Avenue Rock and Rolling—failed buyer, new buyer

One buyer gone, new buyer in

One of our favorite homes of late is 1321 Voorhees Avenue in East Manhattan Beach. This is a brand spanking new, 3600 square foot, six bedroom home. Built on a smaller 5,244 square foot lot, at least by East Manhattan Beach standards, this property has a sticker price of $2,795,000. 

The story here isn’t about the home itself, but more so about the home’s overall desirability in today’s market. According to a source close to the project, the house drew three solid offers during the final phase of construction. Sure enough the home found a buyer, we were told, just above the asking price. 

The first buyer locked the house down back on January 25th of 2015. 30 days later the deal canceled—who knows why. What we do know is that 30 days is a long courtship only to get dumped. We’re sure there’s an interesting hidden story here. But the good news is that the home found a brand new buyer on February 27th, one who is hopefully more able to close the deal. Because of the hot market and quick turn from cancelled deal into a new deal, we’re assuming the sellers are keeping their selling price up and above $2,800,000.